Feel the love, warmth and control Reiki brings into your life

This is a beginners guide to Reiki. It's for carers and for those who they care for.

Dear Carer,


If you had an extra day in the week, or a little bit of time for yourself, you'd think everything would be fine, or at the very least a lot more manageable. But we both know that's not the case, because you'd fill that time to give more love, care and support.


So I want to share with you Reiki For Carers.
It's for carers whose life is devoted to caring, you're happy to be a carer, but sometimes you feel locked in, with the weight of the world on your shoulders, and without the opportunity of making life easier.


Whether it's a lack of physical or financial help from the government, or maybe you are just overwhelmed, you still somehow soldier on. But life needs to change. It's not that you want to stop being a carer, you just need some help.


While you are tired, but still fighting to be the best version of you, you know you can only do so much for the person you are caring for, though you'd like to do much more.


Reiki For Carers is just for people like us.
And I invite you to learn a little more,



Sam Hudson


And How Can It Help You?

  • Promote Harmony & Balance

    Reiki takes a non-invasive approach to energy transfer that is extremely effective in promoting overall wellness. Through the energy transfer, the body is able to restore balance across all systems of the mind, body, and spirit. This creates harmony and allows people to continue in a positive lifestyle.

  • Relaxes and Releases Tension From The Body

    What many people love the most about Reiki is that it allows them to simply “be”. It is a couple of minutes of pure relaxation where the receiver can clear their heads and release the tension and stress of their day. The energy transfer through Reiki may make people feel peaceful, relaxed, and lighter which allows then to be in touch with their inner selves and reflect clearly on their lives.

  • Breaks Down Energy Blocks and Balances The Mind, Body, and Spirit

    Regular Reiki treatment promotes the consistent and unlocked flow of energy throughout the body. This allows people to feel less stress, enhances learning and memory, promotes mental clarity, and physical healing/ less physical pain. When energy passageways are blocked, positive energy cannot flow to certain parts of the body, which results in mood swings, fear, anger, pain, and more. Reiki can help keep these passages clear.

  • Cleanses Body of Toxins and Supports Immune System

    Reiki technique is used to remind our bodies how to go back into the “repair” or “self-healing” state of rest and digest. By triggering this state, our bodies begin to cleanse themselves of useless energies. It also allows the body to protect itself from exhaustion, burnout, or immune system failure.

  • Clears The Mind and Improves Focus

    Reiki reminds receivers to be in the present moment. The positive energy transfer allows the mind to focus on current events, not hold onto past mistakes, and not fret on anxieties about the future. This will help with accepting how life is unfolding and will help promote positive reactions to situations, people, and circumstances.

  • Helps You Sleep Better

    You can always expect to feel extremely relaxed after a Reiki session. This kind of relaxation helps our bodies to sleep better, to heal better, and to think more clearly. It is not uncommon for people to fall asleep entirely during a Reiki Session.

  • Helps Spiritual Growth and Emotional Cleansing

    Reiki addresses the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—not just the physical being. This means that the positive energy transfer through Reiki is extremely helpful in elevating the receiver’s mood and general attitude towards life. The healing that starts from within will reflect on their decisions and perspective on the outside.

  • Accelerates The Body’s Self-Healing Ability

    Reiki balances your internal body levels to return to a near-natural state. This means that your breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, circulation, and other bodily systems will improve. This normal balance will allow your body to heal itself from within.

    There are many ways that an individual can benefit from Reiki. It is important to note that Reiki does not target one particular problem within the body but rather targets everything at once. Energy transfer is the most powerful tool in healing in this way as it heals all related elements of a particular condition.


How Reiki Can Work For Carers


Let's take a closer look at how you can quickly use the power of Reiki and get immediate results. Because I know your time matters.


We like to look for both quick and long term health results

  • More energy

    Stop living off coffee!
    We often feel very tired and worn out.
    Feeling this way is not good for your health, both mentally and physically.

    Reiki helps you feel and become energized.

  • Release the negative

    As humans and carers we become vessels for emotions and we can't help but collect negative emotions, they just cling to us.


    Letting go of negative emotions will help us live easier. Reiki helps you.

  • Fewer aches and pains

    First thing in the morning and you wake up to feel aches but you get on with your day and by the end of the night those pains just throb.


    Reiki helps sooth your body, relaxing your muscles and setting you free from aches and pains.

  • Feel calmer

    There is always worry and concern in the life of a carer, it's what we are faced with every day. It's not just for the people we care for, but ourselves, our friends and our family.


    Feeling calmer is like a holiday for the body and mind, Reiki can do this for you.

  • Less anxiety

    Carers just "get on with it" We put stress & anxiety to the back of our minds so we can care the people we need, but the anxiety still exists and it seeps out.


    Reiki helps your anxiety and stress.

  • Cleanses the body

    You wash, bath or shower everyday, it stops us from smelling and keeps us clean. But how do you cleanse the inside of your body? 


    Reiki cleanses the inner you, making you feel good, very good.

  • Heal more quickly

    Your body is a machine, it's always working, always turned on and it gets tired. As a carer you put your body under mental and physical pressure. As you do this, your body needs to heal, it's forever in a state of healing.


    Reiki helps you heal more quickly.

  • More control in your life

    When you are relaxed, calm, feeling healthy and upbeat something remarkable happens, we find ourselves in more control of who we are.


    Reiki heps you bring back the control you need in your life.


It all sounds good so far but how do you find the time?

  • More time

    Wherever you are, you no longer feel rushed or put out.

  • A place of calmness

    Just to be happy being you, a genuine joy.

  • Easier to be you

    You've got nothing to prove to anyone. No need for guilt or shame, or pressure to perform and deliver.

  • Let go of emotions

    No need to feel drained from how other people have been interacting with you.

  • Feel empowered and stronger

    Enjoy a strength you've never felt before that simply washes over you and rejuvinates the soul.


How it helps the person you care for

Let everyone feel your joy and inner peace

Whether you want to help others develop their own skills or you can just let them thrive from your new energy. The choice is yours.


Who can use Reiki?

Just a few users...

Reiki is a matter of choice

Family Carers

Paid Carers


...and those we care for.


Anyone can enjoy Reiki



Join ~ Reiki For Carers~

It's a private Facebook group delivering you amazing help and support

  • Private Facebook Group

    In the private Facebook group you will have access to all of our training, that's all the training in the past, the present and in the future.

  • Monthly Meditation

    Each month there will be an additional Guided Meditation uploaded direct into the group for you to access.

  • Your Questions Answered

    We leave no stone unturned. You have a question about the training, I'll get you the answer.

  • Immediate Training

    You can start the training immediately, there is no need to wait and you can return at any time to suit you.

  • Friendly network

    Our friendly team & growing community are ready to hear your story as they share theirs, we'll be supporting each other along this beautiful journey.

  • Monthly Group Healing

    Join LIVE Monthly Group Healing & Reiki Boosters to support your own practice.


  • Module 1

    The Background. Learn the basics and general information about Reiki. Who discovered Reiki & when & where?, what exactly is it?

  • Module 2

    The 5 Reiki Principles & how to incorporate them into your life

  • Module 3

    Simple Energy Exercises useful for practicing mindfulness & for cleansing & clearing your energy of negativity.

  • Module 4

    The Chakra & Aura System. How to scan your aura for energy imbalances & how to re-balance them too. Plus a little bit about 2 anatomical systems.

  • Module 5

    How to treat yourself. Includes Principle Reiki Treatment, The Ultradian Rhythm Technique, Rapid Reiki Treatment, Full Treatment

  • Module 6

    How to help others. Including animals, plants, food, water, projects, cars, broken electricals, travel, relationships, securing parking spaces & no queues.

  • Module 7

    Attunements & Empowerments. What’s the difference? How do they help you?

  • Module 8

    Practice, Practice, Practice! 21 Day journal, participating in the monthly group sessions, accessing the Reiju empowerments.


Cindy Lofthouse

Sam makes Reiki easy to understand. She gave me the confidence to move forward in my healing practices

Cheri Carter

Since learning Reiki from Sam I now have the knowledge of how to use the tools I have within me.

Jenny Hawkins

 I am still AMAZED by how effective Reiki is. I've reduced painkillers, sleep better, lost weight & my lymphoedema is improving! 

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Teresa Wilson

Sam is just wonderful! Even though we  are miles away from each other, she made me feel so comfortable! She has such a sweet spirit , she really cares about people!

Digant Bhatt

I tried Reiki because I have trouble sleeping and calming my mind down. I was skeptical at first but it worked! I have regular good night’s sleep & feel much calmer & rested each day

Lynda Denman

Sam is a very caring an inspirational teacher who is passionate about helping carers. I attended the Reiki intro course. It has been an enlightening journey that I have found transformational and self healing.


It's been a pleasure to share Reiki For Carers with you.

I really do hope you join because I know the massive benefits you'll receive, and you have to put yourself first so you can give the best care possible.

Dear Carer,


I have been practicing and training Reiki for a very long time and I know I can help you. My testimonials give you an idea to the success you can have and of course you have my money back guarantee.


This is not a time for pondering and prolonging your pain, this is the opportunity you have been looking for and I very much look forward to supporting you.


Sam Hudson

Caring For Carers With Reiki

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No commission fee or contract. You can cancel anytime.

Reiki Group

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